Terms and Conditions:

At GOOD LOCK we are ruled by the following terms and conditions of service for any charge sealed with the customer:

· At GOOD LOCK we store your luggage in lockers that are on our premises, from 10am to 7pm, every day of the week. The value of this service is carried out in pre-payment;

· If you delay to remove your luggage from the locker (i.e., after the closing hour of the store) you will have to appear on the following day and pay a fine 3x greater than the value of the servisse;

· The customer must choose a secret code and mark it in their locker at the time of storing their luggage; in the case of forgetting the code or the number of the locker when it comes to lifting your luggage, you will have to pay a penalty 10x greater than the value of the servisse;

· Luggage forgotten more than 24h will be stored for a maximum period of 15 days. After these 24h, the customer will be subject to the fine indicated in paragraph 2 by adding the value of the locker per each day.


Users are entirely responsible for the items deposited in the lockers.

GOOD LOCK is not responsible for the custody of objects, and does not respond in case of loss, theft or damage, whatever its cause, nor the potential losses that may arise for users.